Trail Development

The Parks & Recreation Committee has been actively researching the development of a bike trail in our township to provide residents easier access to adjacent recreational amenities on a regional level. To implement such a trail system, the Parks & Recreation Committee is looking into the following measures:

1. Developing a master plan for regional and local level trail systems.
2. Establishing local recreational and trail authority consisting of surrounding township representatives in order to facilitate decision-making and joint funding of acquisition, development and maintenance of multi-jurisdictional trail projects. Click here for analysis on trail maintenance.
3. Actively pursuing acquisition and/or use easements on privately owned property in the township where practical.

The hope is to fund the trail by applying for currently available Federal and State grants. In the past couple of months, Committee President, Brent Boncher, has been going door-to-door along potential routes to discuss homeowners’ level of interest. One route currently under examination to connect the White Pine Trail and Myers Lake Park would be from the Wolverine headquarters property through the Hagen Gorge development (off Courtland) west to the Arrowcrest devopment, then south along Shaner until 11 Mile and then continue west to Myers Lake Avenue. Then the route would continue to the corner of Myers Lake Avenue and 12 Mile, cross Myers Lake Avenue and continue south and terminate at Hessler Drive (the road Myers Lake park is located on). For the connection to Luton Park , the trail would go along the east side of Myers Lake Avenue between 10 and 11 Mile. This description is only for the trail within our township borders. For the connection to Luton Park/Cannon Twp Trails and into the City of Rockford, those entities would be responsible but we are working cooperatively with them.

Research has found many positive benefits to having a bike path in close proximity to your property and residence. Property values have been shown to increase as a result of a nearby bike path. Communities with bike paths also profit from the health advantages of funding a bike path. Many bikers and walkers can be seen on a daily basis along 11 Mile and with a bike path it would also allow participants a safer option than riding and /or walking on the road with no shoulder.

If your property would be directly impacted by this proposed bike trail route, let us know your questions and concerns by commenting on the trail project. The committee wants to make sure all opinions are heard and also start building community support as Federal and State grants require public support.

Trail users would be separated from the roadway with a 10ft wide paved surface.

In an effort to move the planning process forward, the Parks & Recreation Committee will be calling on everyone along the proposed route in order to determine:

  • Whether you support or oppose the proposed route.
  • Whether or not you have questions or concerns that still need to be addressed.

In the meantime, we are offering the following ways to contact the committee:

Thank you for your feedback and support.