Funding the Trails

Courtland (22 of 64)rvThe following briefly outlines sources of funds to be pursued for financing recreational improvements in Courtland Township.

1. Grants
The township will be pursuing state and federal grants for the primary funding for the recreational improvements. There are several grants that are available. Funding amounts available to communities vary from year to year depending on Federal support and State legislative agendas. Various grants could be available to support our Parks & Recreation goals. For details on these grants, see the 5-Year Park & Recreation Plan.

2. Donations and Gifts
The availability of donated land, labor, equipment, and funds from individuals and organizations is an attractive and effective way to improve recreational opportunities in Courtland. Local businesses and foundations will be contacted to seek their support for these recreational improvements. Over the past few years, several groups and individuals have contributed significantly. We appreciate your support. Find out how to donate to the Parks & Recreation Department.

The trail project also welcomes gifts from trusts, such as the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund and The Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund.

3. Multi-jurisdictional Funding
One of the primary goals of establishing a trail authority comprised of adjacent townships would be to establish a joint source of funding for acquisition, development and maintenance of multijurisdictional trail projects. It is too premature to discuss levels or formulas for financial participation/contribution, but by forming such a coalition, the individual townships will collectively be in a stronger position in seeking future matching grants than if pursuing projects individually. Click here for article on analysis of trail maintenance costs.

4. General Funds
The Township’s general fund has been the primary source of funds for operating and maintaining its current facilities. Future site improvements, acquisition, and development will likely be funded at least in part by these tax-supported funds, as will the continued operation and maintenance of these facilities. Click here for article on analysis of trail maintenance costs.