Our Parks & Recreation Mission

Courtland (57 of 64)rvThe mission of the Courtland Township Parks & Recreation Department is to develop and improve recreational programs and facilities for township residents.
The goals of the department are:

  1. To acquire, develop, maintain and preserve sufficient open space and to develop recreational facilities to serve the needs of the township’s present and anticipated population.
  2. To enhance the quality of life in the township by providing multi-generational, fully accessible and safe recreational facilities.
  3. To promote the coordination, cooperation and expansion of recreational programs with other public agencies, private enterprise, citizen groups, and other interested organizations with the common goal of improvement of recreational opportunities for township residents.
  4. Continue the improvement and development of use areas in township hall park in accordance with the development master plan to satisfy the recreational needs and desires of the community.
  5. Develop a system of non-motorized paths which will link the township’s residential areas with schools, parks, commercial centers and the waterways, and which will link the township to adjacent communities.
  6. Continue the improvement and development of universal design concepts at any and all township park locations in accordance with the park’s development master plan.
  7. To continually improve the quality of and the opportunities for recreation in the township by reassessing community recreation needs, trends, and characteristics.

For details on the goals and objectives of the Parks & Recreation Department,
see the
5-Year Park & Recreation Plan for 2018 – 2022.