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Absentee Ballot

Everyone is eligible to receive an absentee ballot.   To request an application, call the Clerk’s office at 866-0622 during regular office hours or visit the Michigan Voter Information Center.

Courtland Township maintains a permanent Absentee Voter list for everyone who has asked to be put on the permanent AV list. Applications to obtain a ballot will be automatically mailed to those on the list prior to each election, and ballots will be mailed upon receipt of the signed applications.

Precinct Locations:
Precinct 1:  Courtland Fire Station #2, 9535 Myers Lake Ave.
Precinct 2: Rockford Springs Community Church, 5815 14 Mile Rd.
Precinct 3: Courtland Twp Hall, 7450 14 Mile Rd.

If you have questions about your voter registration or precinct, call my office or go to’t forget to bring your photo ID with you to the polls!

Note to New Voters:
If you registered by mail, you must vote in person the first time unless you are age 60 or over.  This applies to many out-of-town college students who will be voting for the first time this November.  To be sure you will be eligible to receive an Absentee Ballot, either register at a Secretary of State branch office or the township office, or vote in person in your precinct.

One Final Note:
There is a difference between a primary and a general election.  A primary election is held by the political parties to select their nominee for the offices to be elected at the general election in November.  In a primary, Republicans run against Republicans and Democrats run against Democrats.  If other parties qualify to appear on the primary ballot, their candidates run against each other as well.  You may vote in one party section only on the primary ballot.  You cannot “split your ticket” in August.  A general election is a race between party nominees and any candidates without political party affiliation.  The general election determines which candidates will occupy the offices that are up for election. Statewide ballot proposals also appear on the general election ballot.

Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC)

The MVIC provides residents with information regarding their voter registration status, upcoming elections, clerk information and how to use the voting equipment chosen by their country.

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Polling Places

Precinct 1: Courtland Fire Station #2, 9535 Myers Lake Ave.
Precinct 2: Rockford Springs Community Church, 5815 14 Mile Rd.
Precinct 3: Courtland Township Hall, 7450 14 Mile Rd.

Check your voter registration card or call my office if you are unsure of your precinct location.