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Many taxpayers wonder why their tax bill may be different than a neighbor’s bill with a similar home. The reason for this is that taxes are calculated on Taxable Value (TV) and not State Equalized Value (SEV). When a transfer of ownership occurs on a property, the TV becomes “uncapped” in the following year and will be the same as the SEV.  The longer a taxpayer has owned property, the more benefit they may have received over the years from Proposal A voted on in 1994.   Assessments (SEV) are driven by the market, and TVs are limited to the rate of inflation (CPI) or a 5% increase, whichever is less.  If the TV is lower than the SEV, there will not be a decrease in property taxes until the SEV falls below the TV.  New construction will also increase both the SEV and TV in the year following the construction.

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